The Republic of Marshall Islands has issued Marine Safety Advisory No. 52-13 with reference to Freefall Lifeboat Casualties and Safe Work Practices.Freefall Lifeboat

The Maritime Administrator has recently conducted marine safety investigations into two Freefall Lifeboat (FFLB) incidents that were near miss Very Serious Marine Casualties. In both cases the FFLB was unintentionally released and fell to the water while crewmembers wereinside the boat performing maintenance. The crewmembers were seriously injured in both incidents. Based on the Maritime Administrator’s review and analysis of the available information the identified lessons learned can be categorized as follows:

1). Adherence with Lifeboat Maintenance Procedures

2). Adherence with Lifeboat Securing Procedures

3). Adherence with Safe Work Practices

4). Inadequate identification and evaluation of potential risks